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About Us

Where Luxury Meets Legacy in Budapest's Prime Properties

Welcome to BUD360, the beacon of luxury property investment and bespoke design services in the heart of Budapest. At BUD360, we craft an investment experience that transcends the ordinary, offering our clients the opportunity to be part of Budapest's architectural renaissance.

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Our Essence

BUD360 is born out of a vision to redefine urban living. We are not just an investment company; we are artisans of space, curators of luxury, and pioneers in a market ripe with potential. Our core lies in creating value through meticulous property selection, opulent renovations, and a deep understanding of our clients' aspirations.

Our Journey

With roots in the historic city of Budapest, we began our journey by identifying the unmet need for high-caliber living spaces that cater to the discerning tastes of modern tenants and travelers. Our projects are not just buildings; they are immersive experiences that combine luxury, comfort, and the charm of Budapest's storied past.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to transform prime properties into unparalleled living experiences while ensuring our investors reap the rewards of high returns and market security. We pledge superior service, dedication to excellence, and a commitment to maintaining the integrity of Budapest's architectural legacy.

Our Approach

We approach each project with a blend of historical reverence and modern innovation. Our design philosophy, "Reviving Budapest's legacy, one home at a time," is a testament to our commitment to elevating the city's housing market. We harness the potential of prime 2–4-bedroom properties in sought-after districts, transforming them into luxurious abodes that speak volumes of our craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our Success

Our success is mirrored in our achievements and the satisfaction of our clients. Featured in, a leading design magazine, our flagship apartment is a hallmark of our work's excellence, celebrated as a “Guest Favourite” on Airbnb with a consistent record of 100% 5-star reviews.

Our Services

Beyond investments, BUD360 excels in providing top-tier sourcing and design consulting services. We are a gateway for B2B clients to source large orders at wholesaler prices and an interior design studio where bespoke designs become a reality for our clients’ homes.

Join Us

At BUD360, we invite you to be part of a legacy in the making. Whether you're looking to invest in luxury real estate, source quality materials, or tailor a design that's uniquely yours, we offer a partnership that grows and evolves with you.

Experience the BUD360 difference—where every investment is a journey, every space is a masterpiece, and every client is family. Welcome to the pinnacle of property investment and design excellence. Welcome to BUD360.

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