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Budapest's Hidden Treasure: Step Inside Our Apartment Recently Spotlighted by OTTHON Magazine!


Dec 31, 2023

Discover the blend of luxury and comfort that earned us a feature in Hungary's premier home magazine – your next stay could be in the pages of design excellence

Elegance Redefined: Budapest Apartment Merges History with Modern Luxury

Living Room: A Welcoming Space for Guests The salon-like living area, adorned with a velvet sofa and window alcove seating, invites relaxation. The expansive space showcases a cement tile effect floor, enhancing the room's historic charm.

Transformation of Space: The owner skillfully transformed a once dark, cramped, and illogically arranged apartment into a testament to timeless comfort. The renovation balances modern needs with historical reverence, creating a contemporary home decorated with traditional elements and equipped with modern amenities.

Budapest's Architectural Value: Recognizing the architectural significance of Budapest's historic buildings, the owner, after a long search, found a property that perfectly blends spacious, high-ceiling rooms with modern-day requirements. The transformation aimed to reflect the city's historical essence while providing functional, stylish spaces.

Design and Detail: The owner personally designed and furnished the apartment, opening up the kitchen and entrance hall to create a bright, welcoming space. Floor heating replaced less decorative gas pipes and radiators, and intricate details like door handles were carefully selected to match the original style.

Communal Space: Pastel-colored wainscoting and views of the historic cityscape provide an elegant backdrop for the harmonious blend of contemporary and classic design elements.

Dining Area: Custom wainscoting and contemporary lighting fixtures define the dining area next to the kitchen. The emerald green velvet chairs and marble table add a touch of luxury, perfect for festive gatherings.

Kitchen: A spacious, airy kitchen results from thoughtful wall removal. The design is simple, with high-quality materials seamlessly integrating the spaces, with a continuous floor pattern linking to the living room.

Sustainability and Quality: The renovation emphasized sustainable solutions, from material sourcing to waste management and energy-saving appliances. Furniture and fixtures were carefully curated, combining historical character with contemporary elegance, ensuring the apartment stands the test of time.

Bedroom and Bathroom: The bedroom offers restful simplicity with a grand tufted bed, and the bathroom exudes serenity with its blue metro tiles and gold fixtures, creating a tranquil, light-filled space.

Conclusion: A new year brings a fresh start, and this apartment stands as a modern, stylish testament to quality and sustainability, ready to host family and friends for new beginnings.

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